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Client Name Lars Kristian Aasbrenn
Date Feb 20, 2017
Overall Testimonial 11 years and still a customer, quite long in these days. They're running smooth and know how to solve things.
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Client Name Renato Silva
Date Oct 19, 2011
Overall Testimonial AHOSTING tem um EXCELENTE apoio técnico, recomenda-se vivamente.
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Client Name Jose Chacon
Date Jun 07, 2011
Overall Testimonial ahosting have an EXCELENT, technical support, highly recommended.
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Client Name Patty Zasloff
Date Apr 09, 2010
Overall Testimonial This is by far the best hosting company on the planet! From their stellar plans which are all-inclusive and very affordable, outstanding technical support as well as general customer service, to the timeliness of their response, aHosting cannot be beat! I have several websites and have tried many other companies in the past. And, I have been with aHosting for a few years now and will be a customer for life!! Thank you so much and keep up the great work!! : )
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Client Name Anna Kolmodin
Date Jan 11, 2010
Overall Testimonial This is one of the best companies I've ever delt with. They always answer supportmails within MINUTES, this is awesome! They always have a solution. If they don't have one, they create a new one. They are always nice and you get a personal response from support/billing department and so on. The service is working all the time and you have many different solutions to choose from. I am glad to recommend ahosting!
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